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From CNA: Remember Suffering Syrians, CRS Leader Implores

June 2, 2014 by

During meetings at the Vatican last week to discuss the Catholic Church’s response to the Syrian crisis, Catholic Relief Services President & CEO Carolyn Y. Woo spoke with Catholic News Agency about the situation:

Rome, Italy, Jun 1, 2014 / 04:06 pm (CNA/EWTN News). – As agencies meet at the Vatican to discuss the Syria crisis, the head of Catholic Relief Services said that the Church cannot forget those who suffer and must advocate for peace as well as provide aid.

“The situation around Syria has not gotten better. There is no end in sight at this point,” Carolyn Woo, CEO and president of the U.S.-based Catholic Relief Services, told CNA in Rome May 30.

She said the conflict has affected over nine million people, including 5.5 million children. About half of those affected are internally displaced and over two million are now refugees.

“Many of them are living in camps. Just imagine those situations,” Woo said. “Think of all the areas of need.”

A lack of security is a major problem that particularly endangers children and women. Access to medicine is also difficult. Children lack access to health care for minor issues and are not receiving an education.

“Can you imagine the trauma people have gone through?” Woo asked. “Families are just torn apart. The needs are profound.”

Read the full article on Catholic News Agency.

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