CRS Determining Greatest Needs After Monsoon Flooding in the Philippines

August 21, 2013 by

CRS’ Joe Curry, country representative in the Philippines, tells Catholic News Service that “assessment teams were preparing to begin visiting neighborhoods and evacuation centers Aug. 21 to determine where the need was greatest.” Record-breaking rainfall in the Philippines over the last several days has led to flooding in many communities around Manila, a metropolis of 18 million people.
“Today, the rains were too heavy to send out staff,” he said. “The areas around the office were flooded so we had to close the office.” Southern Manila was most affected, Curry said.
“The poorest people live in the flood-prone areas. (In) one area along the river, 12,000 were evacuated. Last year it was the same thing. Those families were displaced for several weeks,” he said.
“It looks similar,” Curry added.
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