CRS Responds to LifeSiteNews Allegations about Mexico Partners

February 22, 2013 by

CRS responds to allegations in a recent LifeSiteNews article about our partners in Mexico.

Catholic Relief Services takes very seriously the allegations raised about our Catholic Church partners in Mexico. Whenever an issue is brought to our attention, we immediately investigate to determine the facts. If we confirm that there are any statements or activities at odds with Church teaching, we will take appropriate steps to address the situation.

In 2009 CRS became aware that two of our Church partners in Mexico had signed onto a broad United Nation’s report covering a number of human rights issues that included statements supporting the new Mexican abortion law.  At that time CRS staff investigated the situation and received written assurances from both organizations categorically stating that they neither advocate for nor condone abortion in any way.  CRS’ relationship with one of the partners, FAYBRA, ended in 2011. Because of our commitment to uphold the teaching of the Church, in recent weeks (before an article about this issue was posted by LifeSiteNews on February 20th) we have been working with the Jesuit Province of Mexico and the Mexican Bishops’ Conference to ensure that our partnership with CEREAL, a Jesuit organization, does not violate Church teaching. We do not sever relationships with Church partners on the basis of a web article without a thorough investigation. If we find there is a problem we will correct it.

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