CRS Welcomes Pres. Obama's New Hunger Initiative

May 18, 2012 by

BALTIMORE, Md., May 18, 2012–Catholic Relief Services welcomes today’s announcement by President Obama of a New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition at a symposium on Advancing Food and Nutrition Security in Washington. The Alliance seeks to engage the full range of government, private sector, and civil society actors to dramatically increase agricultural production and nutrition for small farmers in Africa.

CRS is hopeful that this Alliance will enable our partners, and those we serve in Africa to grow better food and find markets that allow them to care for their children and live the lives they aspire to.

As an important part of civil society, faith-based, private voluntary organizations like Catholic Relief Services will always play a unique role that governments and the private sector cannot fill.  However, in order to leverage our contributions to combating hunger worldwide, we recognize that both governments and the private sector must be engaged as full partners.  This is why we applaud the Administration for advancing the New Alliance, which will bring together all who have contributions to make for the common goal of improving the production of and access to food.



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