CRS Welcomes Senate Immigration Principles, Urges Attention to Root Causes of Migration

January 29, 2013 by

Catholic Relief Services joins the US Conference of Catholic Bishops in welcoming the release of a framework for comprehensive immigration reform presented by a bipartisan group of eight U.S. Senators.

The framework is a significant first step towards addressing our broken immigration system.  The principles outlined recognize the importance of immigrants and their families to our nation’s wellbeing and future.

“If enshrined in strong legislation, these principles would reduce the dangerous and often tragic conditions that many migrants currently endure,” stated Bill O’Keefe, Vice President for Advocacy and Government Relations for CRS.  “Creating a legal means for future workers will significantly stem the humanitarian crisis that our broken immigration system contributes to.”

As the principles become legislation, CRS urges members of Congress to truly approach the issue from a comprehensive perspective, which includes addressing the factors that compel many to migrate out of economic necessity.   Strengthening partnerships for poverty reduction, rural development, youth employment and citizen security, particularly in the Western Hemisphere, can reduce migration pressure and contribute to regional stability and prosperity.

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