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Expert Biographies

Catholic Relief Services has dozens of leading experts on international development based around the world. This sample of expert biographies highlights some of the sectors where CRS has particular expertise and a reputation for industry innovation. The communications team can arrange interviews with one of our experts or with members of our executive leadership team.

CRS staffer Rick Jones. Photo by Jim Stipe/CRS Rick Jones

Rick Jones is an expert on migration, peacebuilding, solidarity and justice in Latin America.

CRS2012065404 Dr. Shannon Senefeld

Shannon Senefeld is an expert in HIV and AIDS, including psychosocial support, counseling, nutrition, home-based care, anti-retroviral therapy (ART) and PEPFAR.

USA2010048329 Annemarie Reilly

Annemarie Reilly has a wealth of experience in CRS' overseas programming, emergency response and maintaining staff safety and security.

USA2007048307 Bill O’Keefe

Bill O'Keefe leads CRS' initiatives related to advocacy, legislation and pending Congressional votes.

CRS2007001848 Lisa Kuennen-Asfaw

Lisa Kuennen-Asfaw is an expert in global hunger issues, including food aid, food security, Title II funds and Food for Peace.

USA2008018426 David Garcia

Rev. David H. Garcia is an expert in the Hispanic community in the United States, clergy and the Church in Latin America.

Shaun Ferris Shaun Ferris

Shaun Ferris is an expert in agriculture.