The Law that Changed the World

July 11, 2013 by

Author William Lambers tells the story of one of the most important bills signed into law to help feed the hungry of the world.  From the Hill’s Congress Blog.

Lots of laws gets signed in Washington D.C., but how many have saved millions of lives as the one inked by President Dwight Eisenhower (R) on July 10, 1954? It was called Public Law 480 and with a title like that you might just skip over it and read about something else. But this law has another name:  Food for Peace.

It was started because there was so much food in the United States, it made sense to avoid costly storage and move it overseas where there were hungry people.

This meant food for flood victims in Austria, earthquake relief in Chile, and school meals for millions of children in war-torn Japan and Italy. South Korea’s road to recovery from its own war also included millions of school meals for children. India received the largest Food for Peace shipment ever including a food reserve to protect against natural disasters.

Read the full article on the Hill’s Congress Blog.

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