In the Central African Republic, Violence, Robbery and Killings Continue

August 9, 2013 by

The difficulty of working in the Central African Republic, where Catholic Relief Services is trying to meet the needs of thousands whose lives have been disrupted since a coup in March, is made clear in this report from Fr. Aurélio Gazzera, the local diocesan Caritas director in Bouar in northern CAR, who tells of continuing violence, robbery and killings against the local population.

Fr. Gazzera was part of a recent fact-finding mission to Ouhman-Bac that discovered dozens of bodies that were thrown into the river Ouham, causing people to flee the area.

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The March coup prompted the withdrawal of many aid agencies, as violence engulfed the capital city, Bangui. With security slightly improved now, CRS staff are back at work carrying out a number of projects, including planning a voucher program that will enable 12,000 people to buy food staples like maize and cassava, as well as other essential items from local vendors.

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