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Never Enough Money in Malawi

December 6, 2012 by

From The Enterprise, the challenges facing both Malawi and the NGOs working there to create not a system of dependence, but of meaningful assistance that enables communities to help themselves.  To see the situation for herself, the U.S. ambassador to Malawi visited a CRS program that cares for children and adults whose lives are impacted by HIV/AIDS:

Change anywhere is always a long process.  The challenge is to have a Malawi that is economically strong with an adequate health care system and a public health effort that addresses many of the issues plaguing the country.  Economic strangulation affects everything that is critical to Malawi’s growth.

All major issues are hindered by an economy that seems fragile and always at risk.  The ongoing devaluation of the currency gives little encouragement and hope to Malawi’s next generation.  There is a huge good will effort by the people themselves and the government as well as the scores of other nations that are on the ground here.

The question remains as to whether we doing all that we can to encourage the development of a better Malawi for tomorrow.  Also to be raised is whether we are taking the most strategic approach for present conditions.  Even raising these questions may hint that we are either not doing enough or that some of the current efforts may lack focus.

Read the full article from The Enterprise.

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