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Obama Visit to Tanzania Shines Spotlight on Development

July 1, 2013 by

As President Obama arrives Monday in Tanzania, where he will announce new efforts to encourage trade and investment in Africa, the eyes of the world will be on a country where Catholic Relief Services has worked for more than 50 years.

In 1962, one year after Tanzania celebrated its independence, a devastating drought struck the Arusha region in the northern part of the country. In response, CRS provided food and other emergency relief rations and created economic recovery projects for 85,000 affected people.

Since that initial effort, CRS Tanzania has continued to work closely with the Tanzania Episcopal Conference, other faith-based and peer organizations, government, and private partners and businesses. Today, the country program supports rural livelihoods through projects in agricultural development, health system and institutional strengthening, vulnerable children and youth, and integrated water resource management.

Here is a recent video produced by Sara Fajardo, CRS’ regional information officer based in East Africa,  that highlights our water and sanitation work, specifically efforts to encourage handwashing, an essential pratice to fight disease.

Meet 13-year-old Filomena, who has learned the importance of handwashing thorugh lessons at school, and is passing this on to her siblings and parents at home.

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