Pope Francis Continues to Highlight the Situation in Syria

June 20, 2013 by

Pope Francis made comments about the situation in Syria this morning in a meeting with the 86th Plenary Assembly of the Reunion of Organisations for Aid to the Oriental Churches (ROACO). About the Middle East, and particularly Syria, Pope Francis said:

“We believers are asked to constantly and confidently pray that the Lord may grant the longed-for peace, together with a concrete solidarity and sharing. I would like to once again, from the bottom of my heart, appeal to the leaders of nations and international organisations, to believers of every religion, and to all men and women of good will to put an end to all the pain, all the violence, and all religious, cultural, and social discrimination. May the conflict that sows death leave space for the encounter and the reconciliation that bring life.”

“To all those who are suffering I strongly say: ‘Never lose hope! The Church is with you, accompanies you, and supports you!’ I ask you to do everything possible to alleviate the serious needs of the affected populations, especially in Syria, the people of beloved Syria, and the ever more numerous refugees and displaced persons. … I repeat to you: remember in your prayers the Church of Syria … Jesus Christ will watch over it and your charity. I entrust the countless victims to the Lord of Life and implore the Most Holy Mother of God to console all of those in the ‘time of great distress’. It is true; what’s happening in Syria is a great distress!”

Read the full article on the Vatican News Service.

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