Students Engage CRS, and You Won't Believe How

May 3, 2012 by

We love it when we hear about creative ways students use to raise money and engage with CRS. Today, we’d like to share two examples that were covered by local community newspapers.

This year for a Lenten project, students and parishioners from the Catholic Community of St. Jude in New Lenox, Illinois raised money through the Food Resource Bank that will benefit agricultural projects in the African nations of Mali and Malawi.

And here’s one of the more…unusual…fundraisers for CRS we’ve heard about. Students at  Queen of the Holy Rosary-Wea Catholic School in Bucyrus, Kansas will gather tomorrow (May 4) for a suspenseful game of Cow Pie Bingo. You read that right. Cow Pie Bingo. If anyone doesn’t know what a cow pie is, Wikipedia will help.

They’ve been doing this event for three years, in which organizers place a large bingo card in a field and wait for Queenie the cow to (well, you get the picture). Half the proceeds raised  go to CRS, with the other half going to a local charity.

To both schools, we send out a big thank you!



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