U.S. Government Commits $180 Million to Help Prevent Famine in South Sudan

August 13, 2014 by

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) welcomes the U.S. government’s generous contribution of $180 million in food aid to provide life-saving assistance for those impacted by the violence that began in December of last year. However, the only way to prevent famine and further catastrophe is to find a lasting peace — something that the United States and regional bodies can help broker, but is ultimately the responsibility of the warring leaders.

The recent violence has displaced thousands of people and prevented farmers from planting this year’s crop, causing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today. Many of those in need are now hard to reach as recent rains have washed out roads and made large swaths of the country inaccessible.

CRS has worked tirelessly to deliver food, water, hygiene equipment and shelter to thousands of people while continuing its long-term development programs. This important work includes training farmers on improved agricultural practices, strengthening the skills and opportunity for people to earn a living, helping communities build quality water and sanitation infrastructure and working across ethnic groups to build peace and resolve conflict.

Here is more about the United States government providing $180 million to help prevent famine in South Sudan, from the World Food Programme:

WASHINGTON – The United States government is providing an additional US$180 million to help the UN World Food Programme (WFP) continue providing nutritious food assistance in South Sudan, which faces one of the most threatening hunger crises in the world.

This new contribution will also help cover the costs of transporting food to remote areas where roads have been made unreachable by conflict and rain. Because of road access issues, WFP must use costly airdrops and airlifts to bring urgently needed food to these areas.

Read the full article on the World Food Programme website.

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