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CDC Director On Ebola: ‘We Are Definitely Not At The Peak’

August 27, 2014

Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the CDC, offered sobering comments about the state of the current Ebola outbreak. From NPR.

Iraq. Photo by Linda Panetta for Catholic Relief Services

Baltimore Basilica Holds Prayer Service for Persecuted Iraqis

August 26, 2014

Last Sunday, Archbishop Lori of Baltimore, MD, called for an interfaith and ecumenical service at the Basilica in Baltimore to pray for persecuted Iraqis.

CRS President & CEO, Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo

Carolyn Woo’s CNS Column – Whose Children Are They?

August 26, 2014

‘Who’s Children Are They?’ by CRS President & CEO Carolyn Woo is part of her ongoing column, ‘Our Global Family,’ written monthly for Catholic News Service (CNS).


Debunking Five Myths About Ebola in West Africa

August 25, 2014

Much of the challenge in fighting Ebola is addressing the misconceptions about the virus. CRS takes on, and debunks, five myths about Ebola in West Africa.


Bloomberg: Smell of Ebola Lingers as Health Workers Fight Disease

August 22, 2014 provides an excellent overview of the challenges CRS and other organizations face when responding to the Ebola crisis in West Africa.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, USCCB

USCCB Committee Says Church Remains Committed to Dialogue with Muslims and Others

August 21, 2014

A USCCB committee released a statement reasserting its commitment to dialogue with other religions, including Muslims.

Iraq. Photo by Linda Panetta for Catholic Relief Services

Vatican Radio: A Story of Heroism by a Family Among Iraq’s Displaced People

August 21, 2014

CRS’ Kris Ozar, who is on the ground in Iraq leading CRS’ response effort, told Vatican Radio a story of heroism and generosity by an Iraqi family on Mt. Sinjar.

A participant in a CRS agriculture program pauses to use her mobile phone. Photo by Karen kasmauski for CRS

CRS World Report: Using Cell Phones to Build Resilience to Poverty

August 21, 2014

PODCAST: Cell phones, which are becoming common even in remote African villages, are a tool which can provide a connection between individuals and lifesaving assistance.

Photo by Katie Orlinsky for Caritas

National Catholic Register: A Cry for Peace Amid the Hell of Gaza

August 20, 2014

National Catholic Register spoke with CRS’ Matt McGarry about the situation in Gaza, where McGarry is leading CRS’ relief effort for families affected by the summer of violence between Israel and Hamas.

Photo by Silverlight/CRS

National Journal: Returned Unaccompanied Children Face Bleak Future

August 19, 2014

The National Journal spoke with CRS’ representative in Honduras about what happens to unaccompanied children when they’re returned home to Central America.