Media Contacts

Our communications team is available around the clock to help journalists and bloggers get the information they need, when they need it. In an emergency we can connect journalists with our staff on the ground for eyewitness interviews and provide timely analysis from experts in disaster response. In non-emergency situations, we can offer story ideas, human interest stories with a local angle, interviews, video and other support services.

Communication About Africa

CRS staffer Michael Stulman. Photo by Lauren Carroll/CRS Michael Stulman
Regional Information Officer, West and Central Africa, Dakar, Senegal
+221 77 333 4231 (Liberia phone number for week of 10/27/14 is +231 880-122-059​)
Twitter: @MichaelStulman

CRS staff Kim Pozniak Kim Pozniak
Communications Officer, Sub-Saharan Africa, Baltimore, Maryland

CRS staff Sara Fajardo Sara A. Fajardo
Regional Information Officer, East and Southern Africa, Nairobi, Kenya

Communication About Asia

Hardy 120 Jennifer Hardy
Regional Information Officer, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
+855 12 907 805
Twitter: @jenhardy

Communication About Latin America & the Caribbean

CRS2013078064_120px Alsy Acevedo
Communications Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean, Baltimore, Maryland

Robyn Fieser CRS  staff Robyn Fieser
Senior Media Strategist, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Communication About the United States

Walters 120 Susan Walters
Senior Communications Manager, Baltimore, Maryland

Price 120 Tom Price
Senior Manager for Communications
Cell 443-951-7245

General Communication

Melissa Stevens, Social Media Strategist at Catholic Relief Services. Photo by Lauren Carroll/CRS Melissa Stevens
Social Media Strategist
Skype: msteven84

CRS staff Paul Eagle Paul Eagle
Director of Communications

Hill 120 Michael Hill
Senior Writer

Stipe 120 Jim Stipe
Communications Officer, Digital and Visual Media
Skype: jimstipe